Is your business progressing or regressing?

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By: Steve Slowey

Your business is moving in a very specific direction and it is either in a progressive productive direction or a regressive destructive direction. The way to tell is simple, what is your current focus? is it fixing employee issues and dealing with their problems or are you focusing on building revenues and stream lining your business. Every business has a foundation and within the foundation are all the systems and standards that need to be in place to protect the revenues coming in. How solid is your foundation? If your foundation is unstable then your revenues are likely unstable and you are not progressing and you certainly are not in a position to grow. To be in a progressive state you must be solid in your foundation you must have systems that assist you in managing your personnel and evaluates what value you are getting out of them. So many times we try to hire what we lack rather than develop it with good systems. I hear it all the time, I hired her or him because they came from an organization that was efficient and organized and we need that here. Well when you take someone who flourished in a solid systems oriented environment and put them in a dysfunctional system odds are you will ruin them.

 Evaluate your foundation and start fixing the systems that are needed to get you pointed in the correct direction. You may have to get your hands dirty and do a little work but that work if done correctly will be an investment that will pay dividends and allow you to grow. Businesses that are progressive are not building their foundation they are managing it and building revenues.

 You are the answer or you are the problem but if it is your business you are the leader and the direction your business is going is your responsibility. I have been in a regressive state and it’s not a good place to be but what got me progressive was working on my foundation and making it solid.